The Missing Link in Presentations

In this video, I talk about the common missing link in presentations: listening. Often when preparing and delivering presentations, people get so focused on content that they forget about the importance of building a rapport with their audience, and that happens through listening. In normal conversation, even when you are the only person talking, you […]

Demystifying Deep Breathing

In this video, I bust two myths about deep breathing that get in the way of what should be a natural, organic process: 1. A deep breath is a big breath and 2. To breathe deeply, you have to slow down or control your breathing in some way. Deep breathing is so important for our […]

How to Stop Mumbling

In this video, I answer the question: How do I stop mumbling? Let’s start by talking about what mumbling is. Mumbling can be characterized by a lack of commitment— a lack of commitment to energizing the voice and a lack of commitment to articulating your words, leading to a kind of de-energized, crunched, slurred speech […]

Tips for Learning Lines

Do you find learning lines tedious and difficult? Do you experience anxiety that you are going to forget your lines when the pressure is on? In this video I reframe the learning lines process and bring it into alignment (aline-ment, if you will. Yes— I went there.) with your character development process, so that it […]

Tips for Cross-Cultural Communication

In this video, I answer a question around how to adapt when you’re communicating cross-culturally. The question is in two parts: “Is it a good idea to adapt your communication style to the cultural context of the person you’re talking to? And what do you do if you’re presenting to people from different cultural contexts […]

How to Avoid Sounding Monotone

In this video, I answer a question around the voice sounding monotone in presentations. Here’s the question: “When I’m just talking to someone, I feel like my voice is more expressive, but when I’m presenting, I feel like it goes flat and monotone. What can I do about that?” While there are many tips that can […]

Should you Rehearse your Presentations?

In this video, I answer the question: “Is it important that I rehearse a presentation before I present publicly? I’m worried if I rehearse too much I will lose my spontaneity and authenticity.” Think about it this way: Actors rehearse a play for weeks so that when they perform, it appears as if everything that’s […]

How to Stop your Voice Shaking when you’re Nervous

Do you ever find that your voice shakes when you’re nervous? If so, this video is for you. In this video, I answer the question: “How can I have a more stable voice when giving presentations? My voice sometimes shakes because my body shakes when I am super nervous.” The great thing about the way […]

How to use Notes Effectively in Presentations

To use notes, or not to use notes? And if you use notes, how can you do so in a way where you don’t totally lose connection with the audience? This is a question that comes up frequently in public speaking, and it’s an important question, because how you use notes is a big deal. […]

Free Sample Lesson from my General American Accent Course Pack for Brits

My favorite part about my new online video course, The General American Accent Course Pack for Brits, are the “Pitfalls” videos. As an American accent coach  who has been based in London and coaching UK-based actors in this accent for the last 8 years, I’ve honed my awareness of the typical traps that Brits tend […]