Christine Mottram Public Speaking Lesson

Public Speaking Coaching

Voicing what matters when public speaking is a big deal, whether in an interview, a meeting of five or in front of a large audience. It’s completely human to feel charged or nervous energy around even the thought of speaking publicly. If we don’t know how to handle this charged energy, it can overwhelm us and take us into survival program states of Fight/Flight or Freeze— making it difficult to communicate. Perhaps you experience difficulties breathing, physical tension, difficulties seeing or hearing, or have trouble pacing your speech or getting your voice to carry or express how you feel about what you’re saying.

As a public speaking coach, I help you create some initial conditions for yourself that allow you to turn any “charge” around public speaking into what fuels you to speak. We explore presence and mindfulness work, body language, breathing and voice techniques that allow your full self to come to the table.

Who is Public Speaking Coaching For?

Anyone who would like to connect more to themselves and their audiences as a public speaker and who uses their voice as an instrument to ‘voice what matters’. I have worked with business professionals, lawyers, doctors, activists, teachers and diplomats.

I offer virtual and in-person private sessions, group classes and workshops. Please be in touch if you’d like more information or to book a session.

Public Speaking