How to Stay in Control of your Voice when you’re Tired

In this video, I answer the question: “How can I stay in control of my voice when I’m tired?”

When you’re feeling tired and low energy, your voice will definitely be affected because your voice is made in your body. If your body is tired, the muscles won’t be functioning as well and the mind won’t be functioning as well— both are crucial to the speaking process.

That’s why, when we’re listening to someone, we can tell when they are tired. Their thoughts might not be as clearly or articulately expressed or they may even be collapsing somewhat physically, which can cause a drop in vocal energy and a monotone sound.

Trying to fight against the tiredness, though, can lead to the opposite problem: suddenly you are pushing and everything can sound squeezed, forced, and a little too intense.

So instead of trying to fight the tiredness, in this video, I offer you a different solution that can help you find more ease in your body, breathing and voice, and that may even help you find your way back to feeling more awake (without having to chug coffee).

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