Organic Intelligence® Coaching

If you are curious about coaching that goes beyond just your communication, and that helps you explore your overall outlook and sense of presence and ease in the world so that you can plug into what really matters to you, you might be interested in Organic Intelligence® coaching. This type of coaching is a little different than, and yet can be very much linked up with, traditional communication coaching. 

Organic Intelligence® is a Mindfulness and compassion-based approach and clinical protocol to working with the nervous system that helps reduce stress and build resilience. 

As a certified OI coach, I use a free-association conversation to help clients build initial conditions that allow them to access more presence, pleasure and compassion, so that they can grow their capacity to move towards a more meaningful direction in life and work.

Who is OI Coaching For?

OI is helpful for everyone, and especially for those who feel anxiety, negative thought loops, suffer from burn out or feel habitually trapped in states of Fight/Flight or Freeze that are not relevant to the present moment and that are getting in the way of their professional and personal relationships and overall sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. It’s also helpful for people who simply want to grow. Some examples of the kinds of clients I work with include: 

  • Leaders and people managers who want to increase their capacity to handle the complexities of a fast-paced working environment, deal with interpersonal dynamics and produce results that are connected to both organizational and personal priorities. 
  • Actors who want to grow their capacity to handle both the complexity of their characters and the anxieties that can come with performance, auditioning, and the ups and downs of the actor’s life. 
  • Anyone who wants to grow their capacity to navigate the complexities  of modern life and who has a curiosity around how to move in a more meaningful direction. 

It’s not enough to know what you want to get away from, but where you want to go.  OI’s unique approach trusts that under the right conditions, the human nervous system is self-healing. Through cultivating presence, access to simple  human pleasure and compassion, a client grows energy and capacity to handle life’s complexities and can work with a coach to not just feel better, but to build a personal and professional life around what matters most.

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