Voice Coaching

In my approach to voice coaching, I work with my clients to help their voices feel like a powerful, resonant, connected expression of who they are and what they want to achieve.

The voice is your primary means for expressing your thoughts, feelings and information— essentially, what matters to you. We use our voices to relate, to lead, to inform, to emphasize, to debate and to communicate, all of which can present challenges to your voice: Tension, fatigue, or just your own perception that you don’t come across as you want to.

I use a holistic approach that involves working with the body (including your breathing), voice and mind. Because voice gets created in the body, the way you use your body impacts the way your voice feels, sounds, and how available it is for expression. Let’s take it a step further: your state of mind has a direct impact on your body, which in turn affects your voice. If you are experiencing stressful thoughts, you’ll likely feel more tension in your body and your voice might feel tight and restricted. Addressing this triangle is what ensures long-term change.

My work focuses particularly on relieving any excess tensions in the body that may be affecting the breathing mechanism, learning how to modulate your air flow to fully support your voice so that it stays healthy, resonant, empowered and connected, and mindfulness techniques to help you stay aware of what is happening in the body/breath/voice, particularly to manage nerves. I help you build the foundation that gives your voice lasting carrying power.

Who is Voice Coaching For?

Business professionals, actors, teachers, activists, medical staff or anyone who uses their voice as a means of expression and would like to have a healthier, vibrant, more expressive voice. If you feel like your voice is habitually restricted, tight, breathy, hoarse, tired, limited in range, too quiet or too loud, or if your speech can feel garbled, forced, mumbled or out of your control, voice coaching can help.

I offer virtual and in-person private coaching programs, group classes and workshops. Please be in touch if you’d like more information or to book a program.

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