8 Most Common Voice Issues for Public Speakers and Performers

In this video, I talk about the 8 most common reasons that public speakers and performers come to me for voice coaching. For each of the 8 issues, I’m including links to video resources I’ve made that can help below. Check the videos out and let me know how it goes. I also have a ton of other videos that cover variations on the theme of these topics. Check out my YouTube Channel to find out more. If you’d like more personalized coaching, please reach out to find out more about my private coaching programs. 

  1. Voice Shakes when Nervous
  2. Speak Too Fast when Nervous
  3. Feeling Nervous when Performing of Speaking Publicly
  4. Voice is Too High and Not Authoritative Enough
  5. Voice is Too Low and going into Vocal Fry
  6. Voice is Too Quiet
  7. Voice is Too Loud
  8. Want a More Clear, Resonant Voice