Announcement: Launch of Voice what Matters

In this video, I make an exciting announcement about something very near and dear to my heart: the launch of my new voice and communication coaching business and website: Voice what Matters (

At the heart of the mission of Voice what Matters is exactly what it says on the tin: helping you voice what matters to you: whether that be through voice coaching that helps you find a healthier, more vibrant, more expressive voice, or public speaking coaching that helps you become a more effective communicator in the public sphere, or breathing coaching that helps you feel more at ease and present with what matters to you, or accent coaching that helps you find clarity and authenticity in an accent, or, if you’re an actor, acting coaching that helps you voice what mattes to your character in a fully embodied and true way.

You can find out more on the website about my approach to each of these coaching strands, upcoming courses and workshops and how to book a session.

The website is also an online platform for all of my free coaching content, including the videos from my YouTube channel and my podcast. Find it all in this one spot so that you can deepen your communication journey in between coaching sessions.

If you’d like to be a more intimate part of the Voice what Matters community, sign up to the monthly newsletter (on the website) so that you’ll be the first to hear about upcoming courses, workshops, new free content, and in the future, online course packs that you can purchase and take in your own time (I’m currently working on a General American accent course pack for Brits). The newsletter will also offer the chance to dive deeper into questions that are coming up in the community.

This endeavor is the launch point for my next step as a coach and I would be so excited if you came on this journey with me and joined the VwM community. So if you’re curious, go to, sign up for the newsletter, subscribe to the YouTube channel and the podcast, learn about my approach to coaching and even book a session.

Please share with anyone you feel could use some voice, public speaking, breathing, accent or acting coaching (or all of the above!). Thank you for your support!