Demystifying Deep Breathing

In this video, I bust two myths about deep breathing that get in the way of what should be a natural, organic process: 1. A deep breath is a big breath and 2. To breathe deeply, you have to slow down or control your breathing in some way.

Deep breathing is so important for our physical, mental and vocal health. It should be easy and natural but for a lot of us it isn’t— you might feel like your breath feels habitually tight, restricted, shallow. Tight or held breathing can make it hard to feel physically comfortable, emotionally at ease and vocally strong. And these myths contribute to why it can feel difficult to breathe deeply all the time.

If you would like to learn how to breathe deeply more of the time without conscious effort, check out my digital course pack called Demystifying Deep Breathing in 30 Minutes. In 30 minutes, you’ll learn the anatomy of breathing both conceptually and practically, so that you have an embodied sense of what a deep breath feels like in your own body. You’ll also be armed with a plan for how to create the conditions that allow you to breathe deeply more of the time without conscious effort. The best part? It’s only $30.00.