Finding Vocal Consistency Tip 2: Support Yourself

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In this video, I offer my second tip around how to find a consistently powerful and resonant voice. This came out of a question from a student who feels like his voice is inconsistent, despite regular warm ups. In my last video, I talked about how to design effective vocal warm ups. In this video, I talk about how to translate the powerful, resonant voice you can find in a voice warm up into your consistent, every day speaking voice. 

While voice warm ups are important, the benefits are only long-lasting if they are accompanied by an embodied sense of how to use your voice, particularly your breath to power your voice, in a healthy way. If you don’t have an embodied sense of how to use your voice in a healthy way, the benefits of your warm up will gradually fade as the day goes on. But if you can develop a reliable embodied sense of how to support your voice, you will find it easy to find the resonant tone you are looking for in any space. 

This is meant for the speaking voice but can be useful for singers too. 

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What’s your favorite image or exercise for accessing your breath support? 

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