“Help! I talk too fast!” Tip 3: Honor

Do you feel like, or have you gotten feedback that you talk too fast? You know you’re talking too fast if you are struggling to keep up with the act of speaking or if you can tell your listener is struggling to understand you, or both.

Talking too fast often comes from nervous, excited or passionate energy, which surges upwards through the body and can result in speeding up your tempo. But if you try to think of combating that energy by artificially slowing yourself down, it will feel and sound weird for everyone, because it won’t be authentic.

This is video 3 of 3 where I offer tips for organically slowing down your speech. In videos 1 and 2, we talked about grounding yourself and taking time to breathe deeply.

The third tip I cover in this video? Honor your words by honoring and committing to the sounds within them, specifically the vowel sounds. You know you’re talking too fast if you’re crunching the syllables of your words together, and sometimes we have habits around doing that even after we ground and breathe deeply. Watch this video to see what I mean by ‘honoring’ your sounds and how to do it.

That’s all my tips for finding a speaking pace that feels good to you. Have you tried any of them out? How did it go?? I would love to hear.