How to Be Ready from the Moment You Start Talking

A common piece of feedback I get from acting and public speaking clients is that they felt just fine a few minutes into the performance or talk, but that the really hard part was the beginning. 

This is usually because people often launch themselves into their talk before the body is actually ready. They don’t feel grounded, they haven’t taken a breath or a moment to actually see the audience or connect with the environment. So in those early minutes, the body feels disoriented and is playing catch up, because your body wasn’t really ready to start. 

So how can you be sure that you are ready from the moment you start speaking?  The key is— don’t start until you are ready! To be ready, take a moment before you begin to speak to feel your ground, let your breath drop in, and see your audience. Sometimes people skip this part because they are worried it will take too long, but we’re only talking about a matter of seconds here, and it’s not just for you— it’s for the audience too. 

The audience needs that moment to connect with you just as much as you need it. It sets up a more positive relationship between you, where they will feel more relaxed and at ease because you are more relaxed and at ease from the get-go. 

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Check out my YouTube channel for other tips like this one and my podcast for warm ups that help you feel more present in the moment. Here is a particularly relevant episode— a warm up for the moment before you begin speaking. : “Managing Nerves: The Moment Before”

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