How to Lower your Speaking Voice Pitch Effectively

In this video I talk about a question that comes up with clients frequently: “How can I lower my speaking voice pitch effectively?” This question often comes up because they’ve been given feedback that their voices are too high and they don’t sound authoritative enough, but when they try to lower their voices without coaching they feel forced, monotone and it hurts their throats.

I don’t go into all the politics in this video around why people associate lower voices with authority and whether we want to buy into that or not. If you want my thoughts on that, read this LinkedIn article I wrote.

Often, the reason it feels false or forced when people lower their voice pitch is because of a misconception over how to add depth to the voice. Depth comes from resonance, which is the feeling of buzz in your voice. The more relaxed and grounded you are, the more buzz you get.

Resonance is affected by voice pitch but it is not the same thing. Pitch refers to the frequency of your voice, so how fast or slow your vocal cords are rubbing together. Pitch definitely has a relationship with resonance, but if you try to get a deeper resonance by pushing your voice pitch down beyond what’s anatomically comfortable and trying to hold it there, all you’ll get is a dampening of your resonance, a monotone voice, and eventually a sore throat.

So long story short— don’t push your voice pitch down! It’s not comfortable or authentic. Instead, find more buzz. For more information on how, check out my video “How to have a more resonant voice”.

I also have a podcast episode that guides you through a warm up to find your vocal authority.