How to Stop your Voice Shaking when you’re Nervous

Do you ever find that your voice shakes when you’re nervous? If so, this video is for you.

In this video, I answer the question: “How can I have a more stable voice when giving presentations? My voice sometimes shakes because my body shakes when I am super nervous.”

The great thing about the way this question is worded is that it inherently implies that there is a connection between your emotional state, your body and your voice— and that’s 100% true!

So if you want to address a shaky voice, the answer lies in addressing the nerves that are causing the shaky voice in the first place.

I talk about why the body shakes when you feel nervous, how to befriend that shakiness so that it eases up more quickly and how to root into the present moment in a way that makes you feel more calm and stable.

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