How you can find the “sweet spot” in your voice

In this video, I answer a question from a trained singer who asked: “How can I find the sweet spot of my speaking voice, where its at its healthiest and most consistent? I always feel like I am lower and raspier than where I really want to be.” While this person feels like she can find the sweet spot of her singing voice with ease, it’s harder to do with her spoken voice— and this is not uncommon!

I break down and define what the “sweet spot” is— the place in your voice that feels most at ease and resonant when you talk— where you can talk for long periods of time without feeling soreness.

To find your vocal sweet spot, you need a mixture of grounded body, supported breath and optimum pitch.

I talk through a quick way you can find your optimum pitch, using an exercise from Estill teacher Anne-Marie Speed.

If you need more personalized training for finding your vocal sweet spot, this is where a voice coach can help you. Here I am! Feel free to be in touch. Thank you so much for the question and, if you enjoyed this video or found it useful, please share it with a friend and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’m always happy to answer your questions— keep ‘em coming.