Make your Delivery Congruent with your Message

When you are preparing any kind of a talk, remember: It’s your body doing the talking. 

Often, when people are preparing a talk, they focus mostly on content. And content truly does matter. However, research shows that to your audience, delivery also matters. Specifically— is your delivery congruent with your message? Research shows that when the delivery is incongruent with the message, the audience trusts the speaker less. 

So when you are preparing your next talk, practicing the delivery is key. This is the kind of work that a communication coach can do with you. They can work on helping you structure your content in a compelling way, which is vital. They also can work with you on your delivery; cultivating your awareness around how you want to come across, and how to use your body and voice in a way that’s in line with your intention and how you want to be received. 

So the next time you are preparing an important talk, remember, your body is doing the talking! Spend some time practicing how you want to deliver the content that matters to you. If you’d like some more personalized coaching to help you, feel free to reach out to me to find out more about my private coaching programs.