Staying Present in Unprecedented Times: Part 3

This episode is Part 3 of my 3-part series, ‘Staying Present in Unprecedented Times,’ designed to support you through this crazy new world of isolation and uncertainty as we navigate the health crisis that is Covid-19. In Part 1, I took you through a mindfulness practice called Orientation to help you connect to the present moment through your senses. In Part 2, we combined Orientation with a body scan to help you feel more embodied as you orient to the present moment. 

In this episode, we dive deeper into both Orientation and the body scan practice so that you can connect  on a physical level towards what is enjoyable about the present moment. This practice helps you not only come into the here and now in an embodied way, but strategically focus your perception on what you’re enjoying about the here and now– an invaluable skill in any time in life, but particularly right now, when you might be dealing with an unusual level of uncertainty, discomfort and anxiety. Orienting towards what’s pleasant can help you communicate more from a place of connection, ease and even enjoyment, rather than anxiety, panic or stress. 

This practice is inspired by Organic Intelligence(r), which you can find out more about on, and Fitzmaurice Voicework(r), which you can find out more about at 

Please let me know how you get on with this practice, what questions it brings up for you, and what other kind of support you would like as we navigate these current times. Please also share this episode with anyone you think could use the support.