The R Sound in the General American Accent: 3 Mistakes Brits Make

This is a sneak peak at one of the videos from my digital General American accent course, The General American Accent Course Pack for Brits. In this video, I break down 3 mistakes that Brits tend to make when it comes to the American R sound: 1. dropping it where it should be, 2. adding it where it doesn’t belong and 3. making a different R sound than the General American R, which is quite specific.

As an American accent coach who lived and dialect coached in the UK for almost a decade, I designed this course to be like a digital book/online course/accent coach in your pocket all in one. With just over 3 hours of content, it has 59 (short and easily digestible) video segments that cover everything you need to know to find an authentic General American accent in your own voice, which you can watch and re-watch in your own time, at your own pace. Each topic has its own video so that you can easily reference and re-reference as needed.

What sets this course apart are the “Pitfalls” videos, which cover the major mistakes Brits tend to make that can ruin an otherwise fluent American accent. Upon your first completion of the course, you also get a FREE 30-minute coaching session with me via Zoom.

While I still coach actors privately who haven’t completed this course first, I notice a huge difference between the ones who do and the ones who don’t. The actors who have completed the course already have a built-in shared vocabulary and understanding with me, so we get way more out of our private coaching sessions and can really focus on nuance and on character work (and how the accent informs character choices.) Click here if you’d like to find out more.