Tips for Cross-Cultural Communication

In this video, I answer a question around how to adapt when you’re communicating cross-culturally. The question is in two parts: “Is it a good idea to adapt your communication style to the cultural context of the person you’re talking to? And what do you do if you’re presenting to people from different cultural contexts at the same time?”

This question came from a client who works at a global company, and is I’m sure one many of us can relate to. We could spend a long time talking about the nuances that can arise from particular circumstances, so in this video, I offer a starting place to give you some food for thought.

Essentially, it’s always a good idea to acknowledge who is in front of you and to find points of connection as you communicate, so that the person in front of you feels seen, heard and respected. Adapting to certain cultural customs can be helpful with this, as long as it’s coming from an authentic place in you.

I also talk about the difference between talking to one person vs. presenting to a group of people from different cultural backgrounds.

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