Treat your Words as Gifts

In this video I offer one tip for building better rapport with your audience: treat your words as gifts.

When you treat your words as gifts for your audience, it helps you own the words you’re saying and speak them with more clarity. This builds rapport with the audience in two ways:

1. It lets the audience relax, because they don’t have to work at all to understand you.

2. It helps your audience get a sense of how you feel about what you’re saying. When you feel something about what you’re saying, your audience will too.

Treating your words as gifts means you’re shaping your words with your speech muscles so that they are fully formed and can land with your audience. It’s what actors train how to do so that their audiences don’t have to work to understand them and so that they can clearly convey their inner experience. You can cultivate this skillset too. You can start with my podcast, which offers some warm ups for your speech muscles.

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