What do your Eyes have to do with your Voice? (Part 2)

There are two key ways that the eyes can help you have more efficient vocal production: 1. your eye line and 2. how you’re focusing with the eyes. In my last video, I talked about your eye line. You can watch that video here.

In this video, I talk about how the way you are focusing with your eyes relates to your voice. If you are focusing with your eyes in a way that is leading to “tunnel vision”, where your vision narrows and you quite literally lose your perspective, you are likely activating your nervous system’s Fight/Flight/Freeze responses, even in situations where there is no threat. This means your body will get more tense and your breathing will become restricted.

A tight body and tight, restricted breathing = a tight, restricted voice.

This happens a lot for people in virtual communication situations, where the pull of the device is strong. It can also happen when you’re feeling nervous or anxious about the communication context. Try the exercises in this video, which help you 1. feel the effects of “tunnel vision” on the body, breath and voice and 2. give you a simple way to refocus so that you regain a larger perspective, and feel the effects of that perspective on your body, breath and voice. These two exercises are inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework(r) and Organic Intelligence(r).

This video is the last in a series on my YouTube channel that explores how voicing is a whole-body process, from the feet up.

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