What do your Knees have to do with your Voice?

Often, when people think about how the voice works, the first thought is about the “voice box” in the throat (the larynx that houses the vocal folds). While this is a crucial part of the voicing process, the whole body plays a role in healthy vocal production: including the knees!

When the knees are locked, extraneous tension gets created in the body that make it much harder to breathe. Breath is the power source for the voice. Locked knees= held/tight breathing = held/tight voice.

Feel like you regularly struggle to breathe, or like when you speak, you frequently run out of breath and can’t keep up with your thoughts? Check out what’s going on with your knees and learn how to unlock them. This video has some tips.

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This is the second video in a series exploring how the whole body is involved in vocal production. Feel free to check out the first video: “What do your feet have to do with your voice?”. 

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