What do your Sit Bones have to do with your Voice?

Often, when people think about how the voice works, the first thought is about the “voice box” in the throat (the larynx that houses the vocal folds). While this is a crucial part of the voicing process, the whole body plays a role in healthy vocal production. And when you’re sitting down, that even includes your sit bones!

When you are sitting, your sit bones, which are the two protruding bones at the very bottom of your bum, act as your support. When you balance on your sit bones as you sit, your spine aligns effortlessly, without having to use extra muscle to “sit up straight.” This alignment lets your abdomen relax, which means you can breathe more deeply. Breath is the power source for the voice.

Watch this video for more details and for some exercises that help you feel the power of the sit bones!

Your sit bones are especially important to remember when communicating virtually. A lot of times when people are talking over Zoom or other similar platforms, they tend to lean too far forward towards the computer, which makes it harder to feel relaxed as you speak because it becomes harder to breathe. Using your sit bones as your anchor when you’re communicating virtually will make you feel much more grounded and will give you more vocal power. You can watch another video specifically about this here. 

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This is the third video in a series exploring how the whole body is involved in vocal production. Feel free to check out the first video: “What do your feet have to do with your voice?” and the second video  “What do your knees have to do with your voice?”.

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