What is a Voice Coach?

In this video, I answer a question I got asked recently that is pretty relevant to this entire project: “What is a voice coach?”

I talk about how a voice coach is different from a singing coach and from a speech pathologist: I work with people who have healthy spoken voices so that they can feel like their voices are powerful, resonant and a true expression of who they really are in any sized space.

The natural follow up question from that is— why would someone need voice coaching?

Since we don’t remember learning how to talk, we forget what a skill set it is. I talk about how important your voice is to your overall communication, as it’s a reflection of who you are.

And also, most voice coaches work on more than just the mechanics of the voice, but on broader aspects of communication, like body language, public speaking, breathing, accents, and managing nerves, because the mechanics of the voice are all tied up in these other things.

I also cover type of clients, which, spoiler alert, includes everyone! 

If this has wetted your appetite and you’re curious about what voice and communication coaching can do for you, please feel free to be in touch. You can reach out to me at christine@voicewhatmatters.com.