What to do if your Voice is too Loud

Hand’s up— have you ever been told you’re too loud?

In this video, I answer the question: “People tell me I talk too loud. What do I do?”

I start by talking about why your voice is likely coming out more loudly than it needs to. It comes down to you thinking you need to work harder than you actually do to be heard, and that manifests in pushing the breath out too forcefully.

I often find that trying to address this issue by thinking about volume isn’t so helpful– often thinking about volume just makes you pull back on your voice, potentially causing you to be too quiet. Then, people ask you to speak up, and the only choice you have is to go back to the original habit of pushing your voice out too forcefully, and the cycle continues.

So instead of thinking about volume, I talk in this video about how, if your voice is too loud, it’s important to get more intentional about who you’re talking to. This starts with two types of listening:

1. listening to the body language of who you’re talking to. Are they pulling away from you? This is likely a sign that you are speaking too loud.

2. a listening to your own body as you talk. A vocal push is accompanied by a physical push. I look at alternative body language that can help you start from a more grounded, centered place.

If you’re doing this listening and still speaking too loudly, it’s likely because you’re not being specific about who you’re talking to and where they are physically in relation to you, so your body doesn’t exactly know what to do and that leads to a generalized push. I talk about a way you can be more specific with your intention to communicate.

Let me know how it goes! Speaking too loudly can be just as detrimental to the communication situation as speaking too quietly, as it can be difficult to find intimacy and connection if the person or people you’re talking to are feeling overwhelmed by your sound. Practice these skills and you will see a difference in your relationships, both personal and professional.

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