What to do if your Voice is too Quiet Part 2

This is the second video in a two-part series where I talk about what to do if your voice is too quiet. In the last video, I gave some general tips for how to adjust if people are struggling to hear you. 

In this video, I cover two tips for what to do if you are trying to be heard in spaces where there is a lot of background noise.

Often, in scenarios where we are competing with a lot of background noise, we try to push to be louder than the noise and that can really wreck the voice. Instead of thinking about volume, it’s more useful to think about where the voice is resonating and giving more time for your words to land.

I go through how you can find more nasal resonance in your voice— this is the resonance that tends to cut through background noise and that has more carrying power in outdoor spaces.

I also talk about adjustments you can make to your pace so that you’re maximizing your resonance.

These two tips are among many things you can do to make yourself heard, and hopefully they get you started. If you need more personalized coaching or have other questions you’d like to have featured on one of these videos, feel free to reach out. If you’re enjoying these videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.