30 Minute Mind/Body/Voice Warm Up

This episode is a guided warm up that explores mindfulness, releasing physical tensions and connecting to your breath and voice. 

This warm up came out of my 3 last episodes, where I’ve been talking about what mindfulness, breathing and extraneous physical tensions have to do with  the voice. Those episodes were the what and why, and this warm up explores the how: how can a practice that includes mindfulness, letting go of extraneous physical tension, and connecting to your breath help your voice feel more powerful and connected? 

I don’t do a lot of resonance, range or articulation work in this warm up, as it’s more about initial vocal connection from a mindful place of ease, so if you’re wanting more of that post-warm up, feel free to continue on from where we leave off, because the warm up here will set you up nicely for that work. If you’re lost as to what to do, check out some of my other warm ups.

For this warm up, wear some comfy clothing and have a space on the floor you can lie down (and a mat if you like). Give yourself some privacy so you can make sound confidently. 

The exercises in this warm up are inspired by Organic Intelligence® and Fitzmaurice Voicework®. 

Let me know how it goes!