Zoom into 2021: Voice Warm Up for Virtual Communication

This  episode offers a warm up specifically for people who regularly speak publicly through technology, particularly podcasters. It’s a follow-up from a previous episode, ‘Vocal Consideration for Podcasters’, where I spoke with Ryan O’Shea, LA-based voice coach and podcaster, about what is helpful and not so helpful for podcasters to think about vocally. Where we landed in that episode is that the trap of podcasting is trying to listen to the way you sound and emulate a certain sound. Your audience will respond much more to you if you shift your focus to how you want your audience to feel, and then warm up your instrument so that you can connect to that feeling within yourself. Ryan joins us again in this episode to co-lead you through a warm up that will help you do that. The warm up includes:
  • a warm up for the articulators
  • some physical release and connection to the body and breathing
  • some orientation
  • some priming and imaging work to connect to your own feelings and how you want your audience to feel
  • marrying the image work and your intention to communicate with the physical sensation of sending your sound to the mic
Find out more about Ryan at www.voiceandspeechwithryan.com. Let us know what you think!