What is an Authentic Voice? Part 3

On the podcast, I’ve been doing a series on the ‘authentic’ voice— what does it mean to have an authentic voice? How do you find it? Where I’ve landed so […]

What is an Authentic Voice? Part 2

The authentic voice: how would you define it? This is the tiny, not at all philosophical topic I tackle in this episode. This episode is a follow-up from Part 1, […]

What is an Authentic Voice? Part 1

This is the first episode under the new ‘Voice what Matters’ title and, to celebrate, I’ve picked a juicy topic: Authenticity. It’s definitely a buzzword these days. Everyone is talking […]

Bye Bye BeSpoke & Exciting Announcement

This is a brief episode to let you know that this will be the last episode under the ‘BeSpoke Speaks’ title. If you are a regular listener or subscriber, don’t […]

Voice Warm Up for Podcasters

This  episode offers a warm up specifically for people who regularly speak publicly through technology, particularly podcasters. It’s a follow-up from a previous episode, ‘Vocal Consideration for Podcasters’, where I […]