How to become more Present: Conversation with Craig Deuchar

Are you looking to become more present in your communication, or just in general? In this episode, I talk with my dear friend and colleague Craig Deuchar about a body of work called Organic Intelligence(r), and why it can be a useful practice to help you become more present generally and in your communication. I started working with Craig on an OI practice almost two years ago, and it has completely transformed the way I approach communication training. 

Organic Intelligence is a mindfulness and compassion based clinical approach designed to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety and trauma and help people live more present and vibrant lives. I talked to Craig about why, as a practice, it can help people become more present communicators. Themes that come up are: 

– how OI can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that often comes with public speaking and performance by helping you take your attention off of “what’s wrong” 
– An explanation of how Fight/Flight/Freeze states can take over in communication situations, and how a practice called Orientation can help you not only reconnect to yourself and your environment, but even find more enjoyment and curiosity in your communication 
– how OI is different from (and yet complementary to) other mindfulness based approaches and public speaking training/actor training approaches

You can find out more about Organic Intelligence at 

Craig is a voice, presence and OI coach and does some corporate communication work. He works with the nervous system to help people get more regulated on a biological level and how that manifests into their lives in a positive way, whether through an OI session or a voice session or an acting session. Find out more about him at