Listen Up! Part 2: Embodied Listening Sequence

This episode is a follow-up from “Listen Up”, which came out a few weeks ago. In that episode, embodied living coach Nathalie-Joel Smith and I talked about the important role that listening plays in communication, and why it can be so hard to do. In this episode, Nathalie guides you through an embodied listening sequence so that you can actually practice listening, which you can use as a warm up and as a standalone practice in honing your ability to be more present in your own body and surroundings. 

The invitation in this sequence is to start by listening to what’s going on with ourselves— getting better and better at it so that we can also extend that attention to others. 

There will be some movement so wear comfortable clothing. There will also be an opportunity to lie down we’ll lie down so you might like to have a blanket or a mat to be more comfortable. 

We recorded this at rush hour so there are quite a few trains going through the episode. You can use them as a way of listening to sounds that are going on outside of you and the space you’re in, which you’ll be invited to do during the sequence. 

You can find out more about Nathalie at She’s on Facebook and instagram @the_creative_body.