How to Build Better Rapport with your Audience

This video is for you if you want to build better rapport with your audiences, no matter how large or small. Maybe you’re an actor, maybe public speaking is a big part of your professional or personal life, or maybe you want to have more meaningful 1-1 conversations— whatever the communication context, this tip will help.

The best way to build rapport with your audience is to get curious about them, and you can prime your attention in a particular way: look for what makes them sparkle. What brings a sparkle to their eye, what lights them up, maybe gets them to sit up a little straighter, or maybe their voice gets more excited if they’re talking?

Noticing sparkle first of all helps shift your attention off of you, so it can help with any kind of self consciousness or nerves. It also helps you connect with your audience in a particular way— namely around what matters to them. When they feel seen and heard— that is the ticket to good rapport!

This can be helpful in the moment and can also be helpful ahead of time in more formal presentations as you are preparing your content— you can imagine what might make your audience sparkle and that can help you tailor your content to what they will find most meaningful.

I also talk about some public speaking contexts where seeing sparkle is tricky because the audience might be large or the room might be dark, and how to sparkle hunt in those situations.

The key takeaway is— if you want better rapport— look for the sparkle! Give it a try, let me know how it goes. This language around sparkle hunting comes from Organic Intelligence(r).