Mind your Voice: The link between Mindfulness and Voice Coaching

This episode addresses the question: What is the link between voice coaching and mindfulness? Have you ever heard of that word– mindfulness? We bet you have— mindfulness is pretty hot right now, and has been for awhile. Mindfulness, boiled down to its essence, is being in the here and now. There are many strategies and practices for becoming more mindful, and they are all grouped into this movement called “Mindfulness”. So why would that be relevant at all in voice and communication coaching?

Themes that come up in the episode are: 

  • the link between typical issues we work on with clients and mindfulness. 
  • the effect mindfulness has on the body, breath and voice
  • a chance to practice a mindfulness exercise and notice how it affects you 
  • how much easier working on body language, breathing and vocal communication are when you start from a place of mindfulness 

We’re so used to thinking about the mind as something separate from the rest of the body, but as research is showing more and more, there is no mind-body split. We are one organism. This is why I believe in a holistic approach to communication training that includes mind/body/breath/voice. Because if you are feeling more present and at ease, what a great place to communicate from! You can find tons of warm ups and practices on this podcast that include mindfulness and you can also contact me if you’d like more personal training. 

I’d love to answer more questions about this if you have them. And I’d love to hear how you find mindfulness to be helpful generally and also in your communication, or if it’s something you struggle with, tell us why and maybe we can create some content that helps address those struggles.