What’s breathing got to do with it?

This podcast episode is dedicated to answering the question: Why do we talk about breathing in voice coaching? 

This question came up with a private client who came to me to work on strengthening his voice, because he often feels sore after a day of talking at work. 

The short answer? The breath is the power source for the voice. Without breath, there is no voice. 

This episode looks at: 

  • the relationship between breathing and speaking
  • the difference between breathing normally just to survive vs. breathing to speak
  • how the way you’re breathing for survival can have an impact on the way you breathe to speak— either empowering or disempowering your voice 
  • an exercise to help you feel the relationship between breathing normally and breathing to speak 

There’s no reason that your throat needs to get sore from speaking. It’s possible, as long as you’re not speaking for prolonged periods of time in loud environments, to speak all day long without hurting yourself. If you are feeling sore a lot from talking, it likely has something to do with the way you’re breathing. This is where voice training can be helpful! Check out the resources available through this podcast and also don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like some more personal voice coaching.