Two Tips for Virtual Presentations

Some people are thriving with presenting virtually, and others are finding it really challenging. They feel disconnected from their audience or their bodies. Or their tech set up isn’t helping […]

The #1 Mistake Actors make with Monologues

The  #1 mistake that actors make with monologues? They forget that it’s still a conversation; meaning they lose the listening component. Whenever we talk, it’s because we want something from […]

The Missing Link in Presentations

In this video, I talk about the common missing link in presentations: listening. Often when preparing and delivering presentations, people get so focused on content that they forget about the […]

Demystifying Deep Breathing

In this video, I bust two myths about deep breathing that get in the way of what should be a natural, organic process: 1. A deep breath is a big […]

How to Stop Mumbling

In this video, I answer the question: How do I stop mumbling? Let’s start by talking about what mumbling is. Mumbling can be characterized by a lack of commitment— a […]

Tips for Learning Lines

Do you find learning lines tedious and difficult? Do you experience anxiety that you are going to forget your lines when the pressure is on? In this video I reframe […]

Tips for Cross-Cultural Communication

In this video, I answer a question around how to adapt when you’re communicating cross-culturally. The question is in two parts: “Is it a good idea to adapt your communication […]